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LUKE 2:52. 











As the new student went to her room, she began to reflect upon the gracious 
lady who had just welcomed her into the CBC family. The radiant smile and 
peaceful countenance of her new guide and friend had a settling effect upon the 
student. Her nervous excitement relaxed in the presence of a spirit reposing 
in Christ. So this was to be her "college home", and this lady her "college 
mother "- -Miss S. M. Petty, Dean of Women. 

Well-qualified for this position by her education and experience, Miss Petty 
entered the capacity of Dean of Women in the Fall of 1953. She was then no 
stranger to the school, for she had been here since 1945, as head of the Directed 
Teaching Department, and as an Education instructor. 

Granted aMaster's degree by the Graduate School of Missions of CBC, Miss 
Petty has seen the school from the student's side of life. Her under-graduate 
work was done at Asbury College, Wilmore, Kentucky, from which she received 
the Degree of Bachelor of Arts. 

Her zest for teaching led Miss Petty into the North Carolina public schools 
where she taught English, Social Science, and Bible successively, over a period 
of nine years . 

With Miss Petty in her college days, and at Asbury and at CBC was her 
brother Tim, now a member of the CBC faculty. Their happy relationship ex- 
emplified the wonderful bond existing between each member of the large Petty 
household. Mrs. Ruth Worth Petty's unusual influence over her seven children 
was a great determining factor in the salvation of the three girls and four boys. 
Today each has taken a place of service in the Master's vineyard. When the 
dear Quaker mother, so well described in Proverbs 31, became ill, Sara left 
school for a year to attend to the need at home. 

Dr. McOuilkin, founder and first president of CBC, was a great inspiration 
and a challenge to Miss Petty. His intimate relationship with her entire family 
profoundly affected all of them. Perhaps it was much through the contagious 
fervor of this servant, that the Lord burdened Miss Petty with the need of the 
mission field. Her heart is there, and she has twice been privileged to visit her 
sister's field of service in Costa Rica. 

At CBC we hear much of the necessity for a well-rounded life, to exemplify 
Christianity's all-inclusiveness. Our Dean of Women is very interesting in 
this respect, for she has many and varied interests , ranging fronn sports to art. 

In her activity in sports. Miss Petty has exhibited her vigor for living in 
swimming, tennis, and basketball. Her college yearbook pictures her on the 
basketball team, for which she played Senior class forward. 

In the realm of arts, she is known to play the piano and sing nicely, and to 
delight in good music. She also has interest in painting. 

Although classed rather as the career type of personality. Miss Petty dear- 
ly loves home-life. She has succeeded in pointing many here to the truth that 
home is where and what one makes it. At Arsenal Hill Presbyterian Church, of 
which she is a member. Miss Petty teaches the Young Married Couples' Class. 

A true teacher and successful counsellor must be possessed of many definite 
qualities. Accurate perception, love and understanding, a genuine ability to en- 
ter sympathetically into the problems of others are among these. As a shep- 
herdess , one must be characterized by purposeful living and gentle, but unplia- 
ble firmness. Miss Petty can honestly be said to embody these, for God has 
very graciously gifted His servant in fitting her for her place of responsibility. 
To her the students of CBC owe a debt which they can only begin to repay by 
this tribute of appreciation. May our lives bring forth the kind of fruit which 
will be an eternal reward for her faithfulness. 


md Jesus increase J ii^ 



G. ALLEN FLEECE, BA, BD, DD; President; English Bible, Philosophy. 

JOHN HEHL, CBC Class of "26; Vice-President; Business Manager; Religious Education. 

MISS SARA PETTY, BA, MA in BE; Dean of Women; Directed Teaching, Education. 


T^ .---s^*-"** 



J. OTIS BRASWELL, BA in BE; Asst. to Men's Christian Service Director; Religious Education. 
ROBERT G. DELNAY, BA, BD, ThM; Greek, Speech, Homiletics. 
GEORGE W. DOLLAR, BA, BD, ThM. MA; History Philosophy. 

THOMAS M, PETTY, BA, MA, MEd; Director of Men's Christian Service; Religious Education. 
FRANK H. SELLS, BA in BE, BA, ThB, ThM; English Bible. 

MISS DOROTHY M. STRAUSS, BA; Director of Women's Christian Service; Religious Education. 
GEORGE W. SUPPLEE, BA, MEd; Linguistics, Missions, Religious Education. 

MISS KATHRYN L. WARREN, BA, MA; Registrar; English 

JOHN KER MUNRO, BA, ThM; Dean of Men; English Bible, Religious Education. 

PAUL G, CULLEY, Ba, Ma, MD; Director of Graduate School of Missions; Missions, Hygiene, Science. 


NEWELL D. FERRIS, BA in BE; Asst. Registrar; English. 

JAMES M. HATCH, BA, ThM, MA; Bible, Biblical Hermeneutics, Anthropology, Psychology. 

EUGENE L. LYE, BMus, BMus, E; Voice, Brass Instruments, Women's Glee Club 

MISS KATHRYN E. McCLARTY. BA, MA; English, French, Spanish. 

G. WILLIAM SUPPLEE, BA, MMus; Director of Music; Conducting, Harmony, Piano, 

Theory, Voice. 

CHARLES J. WENZEL, BA in BE, BD; Greek, Theology, Bible Introduction 

MISS SHIRLEY N. WOOD, BS in Library Science; Librarian. 


MRS. T. E. DOWNEY, BA; Hostess. 

ARTHUR F. GLASSER, BS in CE, BD; Biblical Introduction, Hebrew, Missions. 

Mr. Lowell A. Bailey 
Miss Irene S. Bom an 
Miss Mabel E. Bnggs 

Misn Elva Brownlee 

Mr. William F. Doverspike 

Mrs. Harvey Farmer 



*1 . .. 

Miss Betty Farrar 
Mrs. S. R. Fry 

Miss Editn Gustafson 
Miss Nancy Havlich 
Mrs. John Hehl 

Miss Louise Lazaro 
Miss Maurine McCord 
Miss Marie McGarity 

Mrs. Robert C. McQuilkin 
Mr. Brian Merry 
Miss Ix)uise Mitchell 

Miss Lucy Mitchell 
Miss Pamela Moore 
Miss Elizabeth Muchmore 

^^^^M Brftfflil 


Miss Kathleen Omaye 
Miss Sarah Overstreet 

Miss Edith T. Owings 
Miss Barbara Roberts 
Mrs. C. E. Sandifer 

£^^ ^ 

Miss Grace M. Tvveten 
Miss Charlotte Watson 
Miss Frances Woods 

NOT PICTURED: Mrs. David Cover, 
Mrs. Paul G. CuUey, Mrs. Frank H. Sells. 



Nearly a month after his nineteenth birthday, George 
Eisenreich went to be with the Lord Jesus, whom he had 
loved for eight years. It .was in the Lord's service at 
Word of Life Camp, the summer of 1954, that George died 
in a boat mishap. He was saved in daily vacation Bible 
School, and later worked as a D. V. B. S. teacher. He al- 
so taught Sunday School, and was active in Hi-B. A. Here 
at C. B. C., Servicemen For Christ was his assignment. 
Quotes from his application to school reveal George's 
heart's desire. 

". . .1 believe the Lord would have me study here so 
1 would be better equipped for full-time service. I 
am willing to go wherever He sends me and do what- 
ever He wants me to do, and I will trust Him to lead 
The testimony of his family, who exhibit "the peace that 
passeth understanding", has been a blessing to everyone 
at school. 



RticI Jesus imcresLseO m 

• • • 





Dear Seniors: 

The natural regret and sadness that comes from seeing 
you leave the Bible College when you graduate is turned in- 
to joy as we contemplate what it nneans to have you go forth 
to all that the Lord has for each of you in the future. I wish 
1 could make you feel what I feel as I write these words and 
think of the infinite possibilities for your lives in the will 
and sufficiency of Christ. You are not leaving college to 
enter "a career" as many others are doing, but you are 
completing one phase of the wonderful purpose of God for 
your Uves (and for each work faithfully done as a student 
there will be an eternal reward) to enter a further fellow- 
ship with the living Christ in His work of redemption among 

You have learned that the plan that God has for you in 
the future will not come to pass of itself. It will always be 
necessary for you to "trust and obey." You can fail; but you 
need not fail, for Jesus never fails. It all depends upon your 
relation to Jesus. 

With thanksgiving for the fellowship we have had together 
at Bible College, and praying for "all the will of God" for 
each of you, I am 

Always yours in His service, 


Jonathan Maxwell, president; Gladys Ballantine, secretary; Re- 
becca McAlister, treasurer; Wa-rren Chastain, vice-president. 

Mr. Arthur Glasser 

Senior Sneak 


JOHN P. ANDERSON Paterson, New Jersey 

"It was for my peace that I had great bitter- 
ness." Isa. 38:17; Future plans: Missionary to 
South America. 

STUART B. ANGLE Ft. Uuderdale. Rorida 

"Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of 
our faith." Heb. 12:2; FMF 2-4; Vice-President 
3; Social Committee 2,3, chairman 3; Vice- 
President, Student Association 4; Student Coun- 
cil 3,4. Future plans: Graduate work. 

LOIS BAGLEY Pueblo, Colorado 

"As the hart panteth after the water brook so 
panteth my soul after thee, O, God." Ps. 42:1; 
Glee Club 2-4, President 4; Student Council 3; 
Phi Alpha 2,3, President 3. Future plans: Mis- 
sion field. 

GLADYS V. BALLENTINE Plainfield, New Jersey 
"In everything ye are enriched in Him, in all 
utterance and all knowledge." I Cor. 1:5; Am- 
bassador Choir 1-3; Phi Alpha 1,2; FMF. Asso- 
ciate member 1-4; Phi Alpha, Secretary 1, Vice- 
President 2; Secretary 4. 




HERBERT DICKINSON Oceanside, New York 

"I can do all things through Christ..." Phil. 9:13; 
Ambassador Choir; Program Committee. Future 
plans: Missionary. 

RUTH DONADON St. Louis, Missouri 

"As for God His way is perfect." Ps. 18:30; Am- 
bassador Choir 1-4, Secretary 2; FMF 1-4, Sec- 
retary 3, South East Regional FMF Secretary 4. 
Future plans: Missionary. 

HARLON W. DREW, JR. Columbia, South Carolina 
"For ye died and your life is hid with Christ in 
God." Col. 3:3. 

JAMES H. EISENBACK Louisville, Kentucky 

"All things work together for good to them that 
love God." Rom. 8:28; FMF 1-4, Prayer Group 
2; Servicemen for Christ, Secretary-Treasurer; 
Oratorio Choir. 

BILLIE BENNETT El Dorado, Arkansas 

"Behold,! send an angel before thee, to keep thee in the 
way..." Ex. 23:20; Future plans: Youth work. 

IRENE S. BOMAN Tallahassee, Florida 

"The Lord, He it is that doth go before thee; He will not 
fail thee, neither forsake thee." Deut. 31:8; Staff Mem- 
ber. Future plans: Staff, Columbia Bible College. 

SHIRLEY BURNETTE Columbia, South Carolina 

"Delight thyself also in the Lord, and He shall give thee 
the desires of thy heart." Ps. 37:4; Glee Club. Future 
plans: Pastor's wife. 


"Looking unto Jesus..." Heb.l2:2; Men's Forensic Society 
1-4; Program Chairman 2; FMF 1-4; Prayer Group Leader 
2,3, Vice President 3, South East Regional FMF Com- 
mittee Chairman 4. Future plans: Missionary. 

WARREN CHASTAIN Brooklyn, New York 

"Whom not having seen ye love..." I Pet. 1:8; FMF 1-4, 
Prayer Group Leader 3,4; Class Vice-President 4, Service- 
men for Christ, Secretary-Treasurer 3; Basketball Team 
2. Future plans: Missionary. 

JUANITA COCHRAN Greenville. South Carolina 

"He shall direct thy paths." Prov. 3:6; Glee Club 2-4; 
President of Women's Dorm 4. Future plans: Missionary. 



VIRGINIA ENCK Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania 

"Blessed are they that hunger after righteousness for they 
shall be filled." Matt. 5:6; Photography Editor 3; Senior 
Class Program Chairman. Future plans: Missionary. 

FRED M. FARISS Columbia, South Carolina 

"To me to live is Christ." phil. 1:21; FMF 1-4; Choir 1. 
Future plans: Bethel Bible Institute; Columbia, South 

SILVIA L. GIARDINI Allston, Massachusetts 

"Be still and know that I am God; I v/ill be exalted among 
the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth." Ps. 46:10; 
FMF 1-4; Ambassador Choir. Future plans: Missionary. 

ARVIS W, GRIGGS El Dorado, Arkansas 

"That they may know that I am Jehovah." Ex. 29:46; 
Class Vice-President 2; Class President 3; FMF President 
4. Future plans: Missionary. 

PATRICIA HAM Atlanta, Georgia 

"Being fully assured that what He hath promised He was 
also to perform." Rom. 4:21; Ambassador Choir 1-4; 
FMF 3, 4;Social Committee 3;Music Committee 2;Oratorio 
Choir. Future plans: Missionary. 

DARRELL HOCKERSMITH Crawfordsville, Indiana 

"He brought me out of an horrible pit." Ps. 40:2. Future 
plans: Missionary. 









CLYDE HOLMES Greenville, South Carolina 

"That I may know Him...being m a d e con- 
formable unto His death." Phil. 3:10; FMF 1-4, 
Prayer Group Leader; Glee Club 3,4; Oratorio 
Choir 2. Future plans: Missionary. 

GLADYS HYLER Abingdon, Virginia 

"And He said unto me. My grace is sufficient 
for thee for my strength is made perfect in weak- 
ness." II Cor. 12:9; FMF 2-4. Future plans: 
Teaching and Mission Work. 

EDWIN JAEGER Chicago Illinois 

"Seek ye me, and ye shall live." Amos 5:4; 
FMF 1-4, Prayer Group Leader 2. Future plans: 
Teaching on Mission Field. 

CAROLYN JOHNSON Sandstone, Minnesota 

"I will be with thee; I will never leave thee nor 
forsake thee." Joshua 1:5; Ambassador Choir 4; 
FMF 2-4; Phi Alpha 1. Future plans: Missionary. 







LEE LAND Norfolk, Virginia 

"Call upon Me and I will answer thee and show 
thee great and mighty things which thou knowest 
not." Jer. 33:3. Future plans: Pastor. 

REBECCA LENNON Clarkton, North Carolina 
"1 press on unto the prize of the high calling." 
Phil. 3:14; FMF 1-4; Prayer Group Leader 2. 
Future plans: Missionary. 

DIANE LOUNSBURY Goulds, Florida 

"That Christ shall be magnified in my body... 
by life or by death." Phil. 1:20; Class Secretary 
3; FMF Prayer Group Leader. Future plans: 

DOT LYLE El Dorado, Arkansas 

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart. all thy 
ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy 
paths." Prov. 3:5-6; FMF 1-4; Phi Alpha 1; All- 
School Social Committee 1; Class Social Chair- 
man 2; "Big Sister" to Freshmen Class 4. 

GORDON JONES El Dorado, Arkansas 

"In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct 
thy paths." Prov. 3:6; Class President 1. Future plans: 

CHARLES JORDAN Wheaton, Illinois 

"Christ in you, the hope of glory." Col. 1:27; Men's 
Forensic; Social Chairman; FMF, Prayer Group Leader. 
Future plans: Missionary. 

WILLIAM S. KEARSE Atlantic City, New Jersey 

"To this man will I look, him that is poor and of a 
contrite spirit." Isaiah 66:2. 

FLEET KIRKPATRICK Charlotte, North Carolina 

"Faithful is He that callesth you who will also do it." 
I Thess. 5:24; Ambassador Choir, "Big Brother" to Fresh- 
men Class 4. Future plans: Bible Teacher. 

VIRGINIA KNIGHT Clarkesville, Georgia 

"Chosen ...that ye should show forth the praises of Him 
who hath called you out of darkness into His marvellous 
light." I Pet. 2:9; FMF 1-4; Library Staff; Class Sec- 
retary 2. Future plans: Missionary. 

JOYCE KOPLOS Pittsburgh 19,Pennsylvania 

"I will bless the Lord at all times." Ps. 34:1. 




BRUCE MAHLER Lynbrook, Long Island 

"But noneof these thingsmove me, that I might finish my 

course with joy." Acts 20:24. 
Student Association, Vice-President 3, President 4, Fu- 
ture plans: Child evangelism. 

UNA F. MANGUM Wake Forest, North Carolin;i 

"For the love of Christ constraineth us " II Cor. 5:14. 

Glee Club 3,4. Future plans: Missionary. 

JONATHAN A. MAXWELL Brooklyn, New York 

"God bless us. ..that Thy way may be known upon earth." 

Psa. 67:1,2. 
FMF 3,4; Ambassador Choii 3; Class President 4; Student 
Council 4; Morale Committee, ruiure plans: Mission- 
ary to Africa. 

REBECCA JEAN McALISTER Biscoe. North Carolina 

"It is good for me to draw near to Goc; 1 have put my 

trust in the Lord God." Psa. 73:28. 
FMF 2-4; Home prayer group leader 3; Class Treasurer 
4; Floor Leader 3. Future plans: Missionary. 

JOHN McCAIN St. Petersburg, Florida 

"Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall 
be saved." Rom. 10.13. 

ROSE M. McQUAY Leesville, South Carolina 

"In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct 

thy path." Pr. 3:6. 
FMF, Associate 1, Active 2-4; Phi Alpha 1-4, Vice-Pres- 
ident 2, President 3; Glee Club 3,4, President 4; CeBe- 
Cean 2. Future plans: Southwestern Seminary. 








MARGARET MORJ^ISON Nashville, Tennessee 
"Through God we shall do valiantly." P^.t. 60:12. 
FMF 2-4; StudentCouncil 3; CeBeCean Business 
Manager 2, Editor 3, Social Committee 2. Fu- 
ture plans: Medical school. 

DONALD G. NIETERING Buffalo, New York 

"Great is thy faithfulness... my soul see keth Him." 

Lam. 3:23,25. 
FMF, Associate Member 3,4; Radio Club 1. Fu- 
ture plans: Seminary. 

LOIS J. RATHBUN Glen EUyn, Illinois 

"Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I." 

Psa. 61:2. 
FMF, Active Member 3,4; Social Committee 3; 
Ambassador Choir 3,4; Librarian 4. Future plans: 

EARL SANDIFER Columbia, South Carolina 

"One thing have 1 desired of the Lord, that will 1 seek 
after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the 
days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and 
to enquire in his temple." Psalm 27:4. 
FMF 3,4; Prayer Group Leader 3. Future plans: Mission- 


"That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, 
and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made con- 
formable unto his death." Phil. 3:10. 
Ambassador Choir 1,2; Oratorio Choii 2; Finial Art Editor 
3; Social Committee 3; Ce Be Cean 2; FMF 1-4. Future 
plans: Missionary. 

ED SHIPMAN Charleston, South Carolina 

"But by the grace of God 1 am what I am: and his grace 

which was bestowed upon me was not in vain." I Cor. 

FMF 1-4, Prayer Group Leader 3; Class Vice President 2, 
3; Social Committee 3. 

ELEANOR L. SIGG Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteous- 
ness; and all these things shall be added unto you." Matt. 
FMF 4; Prayer Group Leader 4. Future plans: Missionary. 

BETTY SIMMONS Washington, D.C. 

"My grace is sufficient for thee." II Cor. 12:9. 
Women's Glee Club 2-4; Asst. Librarian 4; Phi Alpha; 
Class Treasurer 1. Future plans: Missionary. 

JOEL W. SLAUGHTER Dallas, Texas 

"He must increase, but I must decrease." John 3:30 
FMF, Vice President 4; Men's Forensic. Future plans: 
Missionary to Brazil. 





Topeka, Kansas 

"He must increase, but I must decrease." John 
FMF 1-4; Phi Alpha 2; Women's Glee Club 2-4. 
Future plans: Missionary. 


"That 1 may know him, and the power of his 

resurrection." Phil. 3:10. 
Finial Editor 3; Student Association Secretary 4. 
Future plans: Missionary to South America. 

LEONA STUCKEY Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

"I will insuuct thee and teach thee in the way 

which thou shalt go; I will guide thee with mine 

eye." Psalm 32:8. 
Class Social Chairman 1,4; Phi Alpha Vice Pres- 
ident 1, President 2; FMF 1-4. Future plans: 
Medical Missionary to the Moslems. 

ULLA SUNDQVIST Helsinki, Finland 

"For 1 determined not to know anything among 

you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified." 

I, Cor. 2:2. 
FMF 1-4, Prayer Group Leader 2. Future plans 

EULICE DOUGLAS THOMAS Tangier Island, Virginia 
"...As I was with Moses so I will be with thee: 1 will not 

fail thee nor forsake thee." Jos. 1:5. 
FMF, Active member. Future plans: Missionary to South 

J. ALLEN THOMPSON Homer City, Pennsylvania 

"Be still, and know that 1 am God." Ps. 46:10. 
FMF, Active member. Future plans: Missionary to the 
Dominican Republic. 


"We make it our aim. be well -pleasing unto Him." 

11 Cor. 5:9. 
Class Treasurer 3; Student Association Treasurer 4. Future 
plans: Missionary. 

GEDNEY L. VINING Binghamton, New York 

"He that abideth in Me, and 1 in him, the same beareth 

much fruit: for apart from Me ye can do nothing." Jn. 

Class President 2; Future plans: Moody Bible Institute. 

RICHARD M. WALSTON Chicago, Illinois 

"Behold I have set before thee an open door." Rev. 3:8. 
Forensic 2,3; FMF, Active member 2-4. Future plans: 
Missionary to Shikoku Island, Japan. 

G. A. VVEATHERSBY Columbia, South Carolina 

"Fear thou not, for 1 am with thee; be not dismayed, for 
1 am thy God." Isa. 41:10. 
Future plans: Bible church in Columbia. 





Nashville, Tennessee 

"As for God, His way is perfect.. .it is God that 

...maketh my way perfect." Psa. 18:30,32. 

FMF, Associate member 1,2, Active member 3,4; 

Glee Club 2,4. Future plans: Missionarv to 


LILLIAN WILSON Asheville, North Carolina 

"I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless 1 

live; yet not i, but Christ..." Gal. 2:20. 
Finial 3. Future plans: Missionary to Africa. 

"As for God, His way is perfect." Psa. 18:30 
Ambassador Choir l;Glee Club 2-3, President 2 
Phi Alpha 1-3, Vice-President 2, President 2 
Music Committee 2; Program Committee 2 
Open House Committee 2-3, Chairman 3. 
ROBERT E. YOUNT Jackson, Michigan 

"For we are His workmanship created in Christ 

unto good works." Eph. 2:10 
Basketball 1-2; CeBeCean 3; Music Committee 
2. Future plans: Work with young people. 

"For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor 

life . . . shall be able to separate us from the 

love of God . . ." Ro. 8:38,39 
Future plans: Seminary. 


Mr. Charles Wenzel, Advisor 

JeanSharpe, secretary; Carmen Muschen, treasurer; Eugene Chap- 
man, vice-president; George Berends, president. 


h ^ife 

Bernice Allen 

James Aycock 

George Berends 


Delmar Birkey 

James Blizzard 

Jacqueline Bonnema 

Annette Brannon 

Mary Lynn Burgess Thomas Campbell 


Richard Cannon 

Patricia Gumm 

Joe Anne Casell 

Dorothy Dollar 


Paul Fink 

Daniel Goldsmith 


*^ . 

Eugene Chapman 

William Frawley 

Florence Green 

LaRose Hardy Norma Heaton 


Joan Collins 

Doris French 

Catherine Hicks 


Marvin Hiles 

Mildred Kiyuna 

Jean Miller 

Byron Hurlburt 

Lawrence Kaylor 


Gary Letchworth 

Marshall McClain 


William Hurley 


John Kerth 

I ^ 

Albert Martin 

Werner Mietling 

Frederick Huth 

Carolynne Moody Carmen Muschett 


Leonard Musser 

Wilma Myers 

Elaine Seavey 

Joan Ninnemann 

Marcene Purcell 




Kenneth Reddington 


Roy Perdue 



Carl Powell 

-#. f«^ 'V 

Richard Ramsey 



Adna Sanborn 

Jean Sharpe Phyllis Shedd 



Wayne Pifer 

1^ If] 

fk ^^ 

Lawrence Rascher 

Elizabeth Skaggs 


Carter Smith 



Janyce Smith 

Joann Stewart 


Mary Elizabeth Taylor Frances Thompson 

Paul Wagner 

Ruth Spangenberg 

Joseph Stewart 

Edna Mae Traynor 



Ivan Weber 

Thomas Wheatley 

Evelyn Whitmarsh 

Arthur Winn 


James Standridge 

Viola Aday 
Eugene Darling 
Milton Friesen 
James Huggins 
Paul Morrison 
Douglas Parnell 
Jimmy Peck 
Carl Rentschler 
William Rutherford 
Joseph Syson 

Jane Zieseniss 

Charles Moore, vice-president; Martlia Bishop, secretary, Felicia 
Lloret. treasurer; Bill Thompson, president. ' H 


FRONT ROW: Martha Bishop, Annie Ruth CuUey. Fay Dupree, Virginia Chapman, Mrs. June Delnay, 
Joyce EberhardL, Virginia Dosher, Betty Edwards. BACK ROW: Van Courtright, Dan Cannon, Gordon 
A. Case, Allen Baumgardner. Buddy Aylor, Carl Adolphson, John Braun, Paul Crotteau. 

FRONT ROW: Betty Houchins, Letty Hill, Mary Gray, Felicia Lloret, Jerry Fletcher, Wilma Cummins, 
Dotty Bowman, Janet Jaquenta. BACK ROW: Pat Foster, Cash Godbold, Charles Gibbs, Dale DuBois, 
Jim Keith, Roger Gallion, Lewis Draper. 


FRONT ROW: SandraHaley, Phyllis Marshall, Anne Washam, Joyce Melvin, Ann Padberg, Mary Smith, 
Geraldine Jorgensen, Betty Moss. BACK ROW: Dick Sigg, Charles Moore, Tommy Jones, Don Hall, 
Bill Thompson, Al Holbrook, Tommy Lacey. 



i^^ 1^0^ t^ ^mj 

FRONT ROW: Mary Lou Pruitt, Shirley Ray, Wanda Sifford, Eugenia Terrell, Peggy Taylor, Mary E. 
Payne. BACKROW: Betty Rodgers, Joy VanderSchie, Jeanette Taylor, Charlotte Tuffle, Laura Wakefield . 


FRONT ROW: Charles Turner, Jimmie Johnston, Henry Stevens, Ray Draper, Bob Cable. BACK ROW: 
John Dunlap, Jim Ellis, Wayne Ellis, George Elliott, Stanley Putnam. 

i I 



PSALMS 115:14 

Charles Sweatte, Freshmen Representative; Mr. Petty, 

FRONT ROW: Martha Towns, Hazel Rideout, Barbara Mitchell, Joan KiUilea, Ellen Osterlof, Victoria 
Miner, Doris Anderson, Pat Mannon. BACK ROW: Ken Houts, Richard Thomas, Gene Davis, Don 
Moore, Richard Wilson, Emerson Eckert, Charles Sweatte. 

FRONT ROW: Clarabel Carson, Mary A. Allen, Eugenia Othites, Gwendolyn Ellison, Carlo Kretzler, 
Ila Mae Tripp, Joan Lamplugh, Margaret Gibbons. BACK ROW; Merle Dye, John Potter, Ivan Felton, 
Clarence Brock, Roy Rawls, Julian Myra, Rentz Berry. 


FRONT ROW: Joyce Batek, Joyce Atwell, Dawn Bauer, Anne Nielson, Marjorie Dawson, Carlene 
Buchanan, June Crawford, Marilyn Currence. BACK ROW: Lyle Birkey, James Cook, Edward Aldrich, 
Jim Beaty, Joshua Crockett, Tommy Brown, Wildred Chandler, Donald Detter. 

^ f^, f^ f^ 

FRONT ROW: Wightman Weese, Mary Ann Seidel, Mrs. Jean Reed, Priscilla Payne, Dorothy Scott, Sue 
Porter, Billy Stiebens. BACK ROW: Bob Whitner, Tim Swam, John Stauffacher, Bill Scholten, Bob 
Vetter, Lyman Reed, Dan Laughlin, Donald Westcott. 


FRONT ROW: AnnMickle, Mary Hill, Clarabel Carson, Kathleen Haulik, Sallie Hamilton, Annie 
Hathcock, Libby Hiner, Margie Jones. BACK ROW: Eakin McAuley, Bob Klett, Paul Lloret, Jimmy 
Parker, Edward Foley, Dick V.Matthews, Dennis Letts, Chacko Joseph. 

FRONT ROW: Frances Sharpe, Reba Shults, Joyce Thrasher. Mary Ellen Smith, Mary Frances Payne, 
Benice Atwood, Sanna Youmans. BACK ROW; Hugh Hardy, Richard Abel, Willie McConnell, Mark 


FRONT ROW: Rhoda Feight, Geraldine Ensor, Betty Stanley, Lorraine Gienko, Athena Giacumakis. 
BACK ROW: Frank Farthing, Mrs. Glenna McCain, Shirley Eash, Marjorie Legant, Jack Ross. 

Mr. Sells, Advisor 

1 r 


Raymond Martin, president; Dorothy Johnson, secretary; Dons 
Ann Selders, treasurer. NOT PICTURED: Joe Ogburn, vice- 
president; Harold Ballard, "prayer chairman; Dick Bailey, 
social chairman. 



LUKE 17:5 

.f the children the 

Giads are seeking 

to reach at 

the Catawba 



' ^^j:^ 




in Missions 







FRONT ROW: Joseph Ogburu, Bob jonesUniversity '53; Doris Ann Selders, Taylor University '51; Eleanor 
Billings, Gordon College; Miriam Stout, Stetson University '54; Natalie Ray, Denver University; Mrs. 
Nancy Kuykendall; Stuart Kuykendall. BACK ROW: Donald Brueck, Wheaton College '53; Eugene 
Waddell, Free Will Baptist Bible College '54; Harold Eich, Alabama Poly, Institute '48; Peter Muir, 
Wheaton College '53; Raymond Martin, Virginia Poly, Institute '53; Ron Carlson, University of Illinois 
'54; Armond Fritz, Bryan University '54. 


BACK ROW: Cooper Battle, Auburn University; Jim Colby, Dartmouth '54; Lawrence Tomhave, Uni- 
versity of Michigan '50; Sammy Wilkinson, Free Will Baptist Bible College '54; Max Dunlap, Bryan 
University '54; ArthurGualtieri.EasternBaptistCollege '53. FRONT ROW: Janet Amundson, University 
of Alabama; Virginia Patterson, Tulsa University; Dorothy Johnson, Western Maryland College '49; 
Earlene Voss, University of Buffalo '53; Ellie Hoffmeister, Hunter College '47. 


Robert Aldrich, Houghton College '54 

Mrs. Katharine Bailey, Columbia Bible College 

Dick Basso, Columbia Bible College 

Richard Bell, Case Institute of Technology 

Mrs. Grace Benedum, Bryan University ',52 

Richard Bolyard, Wheaton College '50 

Bryce Greenman, Western Michigan College of Education '50 

Mrs. Marilyn Greenman, Western Michigan College of Education '49 

Ardell Jacquot, Bob Jones University '51 

Janet Johnson, Wheaton College '53 

Ralfe Kaiser 

Jane Landon, Wheaton College '53 

Gene Long, Wheaton College '50 

Eleanor Langdon, Rhode Island School of Design 

Jessie Mark, New York University '50 

Richard Matthews, Houghton College 

Josephine Matto, Wheaton College '52 

William Kuckles, Columbia Bible College '54 

William Selkirk, University of Illinois 

William Staudenbaur, St. Cloud State Teachers College 

Burnette Taylor, 

Mrs. Nadine Wheatley 

Paul Wood, Free Will Baptist College '54 

David Zehr, Taylor University '63 


1 RONT ROW: Barbara Flowers, Gerda Rentschler, Phyllis Hutchison, Madelyn Leggat, Ingegard Larson, 
Peggy Fry, Mary Joan Schade. SECOND ROW: Jerry Puckett, FrankSladden, Roy Hertzog, Albert Wood, 
Wendell Lilly, Conrad Fisher, Albert Poole. 


FIRST ROW: Lorraine Waite, Elizabeth Moseley, Esther Shan- 
non. SECOND ROW: Charles Venable, Linden Johnson, Mil- 
ton Faivre. 

William Cloer 
Mrs. Charlotte Adolphson 
Mrs. Charlotte Blackmore 
Mrs. Betty Eggleston 
Mrs. Peggy Hardy 
Alberta Jacques 
Mrs. Belle Jaeger 
Marjorie Jordan 
Thomas Parker 



ma Tesws itxcre^se J in 


M I T H 

GOD "^» MRU 


President; Sara Stallings, Secretary; Jeanette Turn- 
quist, Treasurer; Stuart Angle, Vice-President. 

Mr. Brasvvell, Advisor 

The Student Association, composed of the whole student body, led by their 
president, in cooperation with the deans, plans for social events during 
the school year. The purpose of the association is to promote the fel- 
lowship and spiritual life of the students, to stimulate and direct the var- 
ious student activities and to cooperate with the board and faculty in all 
that may conce rn the welfare of the college and service of the Lord. 

MEMBERS OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL: Dot Lyle, Virginia Enck, Wilma Myers, Jeanette 
Turnquist, Louise Lazaro, Sara Stallings, Fleet Kirkpatrick, Ted Lloyd, Jonathan Maxwell, 
Ray Martni. Leonard Musser, Joel Slaughter, Merl Dye, and Bruce Mahler 



James Cook; Patsy McCrossan; Felicia Lloret; Fleet 
Kirkpa trick; Dot Lyle; Bill Thompson; Jerry Fletcher; 
Charlie Jordan, Cliairman 


Gedney Vining; Joan Killilea; Ken Hibbs; Virginia 
Eiick, Chairman; Warren Hathaway; Jean Sharpe. 


Jane Bruce; Joann Stewart, Chairman; Jim Keith; 
i:iaine beavey. 


George Berends; Jo Matto; Juanita Cochran; Sara 
Stallings; Leonard Musser; Stuart Angle, Chairman;. 
Mr. Otis Brasvvell, Adviser; Jonathan Maxwell; Bruce 
Mahler; Ldward Lloyd. 





The Student Foreign Missions Fel- 
lowship is the nnissionary branch of 
the national Inter -Varsity Christian 
Fellowship, which is popular in nnak- 
ing Christ known throughout the col- 
lege cannpuses of Annerica. The 
purpose of the F. M. F. at C. B. C. 
may be summed up in the motto, "To 
know Him and to make him known". 

Dr. CuUey, Advisor 

Each Saturday evening, an inspira- 
tional meeting is held to give students opportunities to hear more of the 
mission fields of the world, and to learn the things vital in the life of a 
potential missionary, if his ministry is to be effective. Following this 
meeting, students divide into various groups to pray for the needs of in- 
dividual fields; the missionaries on them, many of whom are C. B. C. 
alumni; and for ourselves, that the Lord will send us forth. The F. M. F. 
is confiposed of active and associate members. Active mennbers are 
those who are definitely planning to go to the mission field, while as- 
sociate nnembers are those who are still praying for clear guidance in 
this nnatter. All C. B. C. students are encouraged to attend these nneet- 
ings, and fit into one of the two categories. 

Prayer Group leaders: top, 1. to r.: Allen Baum- 
gartner, Joe Stewart, Paul Crotteau, Doug Syson. Bot.: 
Phyllis Shedd, Jo Matte, Diane Lounsbury, Eleanor 
Sigg, Carolynne Moody. Not pictured: Dick Broder- 
son, Warren Chastain. 


FMF OFFICERS: (1. to r.) Arvis Griggs, 
President; Pat Weiss, Treasurer; Joann 
Cassell, Secretary; Joel Slaughter, Vice 

SHINTu SHRINH in the land of 
Japan, where the Lord is raising 
up a school bearing His Name 

For the past two years, the F. M. F. has engaged in a specific project. 
This has enabled C. B. C. students to take an active part in making Christ 
known on fields of spiritual darkness. On December 8, 1953, the F. M. F. 
Steering Committee placed before the student body the need for a Bible 
college in Japan. Rev. Don Hoke, previously vice president of C. B. C, 
and now a missionary to Japan, had written telling of the need for a Chris- 
tian training school there, and of his plans to establish such a school. 
The goal for the project had a two-fold purpose. First, the sum of $8,000 
was decided upon to set a definite objective toward which to pray. How- 
ever, a much deeper goal was in the hearts of many who desired to see 
lives of the students changed, as they gave. 

In a wonderful way the Lord met this dual-objective, "exceeding abundantly 
above all that we" asked or thought. On May 25, 1954, the amount on hand 
was $8,303. Greater than this, however, were the miracles that had been 
accomplished in the lives of many who had learned to trust God, to pray 
believing, and to give sacrificially. 

Hearty send-off to Tokoa Conference. 
Meeting the Lord at the destination. 
Homeward bound with a new vision. 

-— i^ 

PARTMENT: Mr. Bailey; Miss Soman; 
Mr. Petty, Director; Mr. Braswell. 

PARTMENT: Miss Omaye; Miss 
Strauss, Director; Miss Browiilee. 


The Bible College booth at the South 
Carolina State Fair. 

Ministering through song at the state fair. 

Bible teachers at the McCrorey-Liston Public 

Newest addition to the Christian 
Service fleet 

Stop-over on the Choir tour to St. 


The Missionary Training Camp, a part of the grad- 
uate school of missions, is held each summer near 
Ashville, North Carolina. The camp's purpose is to 
teach practices of missionary survival, health, liv- 
ing together, and outreach in the surrounding areas. 

\'ic\v from caiiii' 

Joe Ogburn slept here! 

The Culleys 

"A little child 
shall lead them 

Struggle for survival 

Pioneer baker 


Miss Wood's "Family": Jean Sharpe; LaRose Hardy; Ginger Knight, lillie Langilon; 
Ann Washam; Silvia Giardini; Warren Hathaway; Mrs. Winsome Cover; Felicia 
Lloret; Pat Langston; Miss Wood, Librarian; Mrs. Winnie Basso. 

The cozy "Nook", for fiction book: 


^Ci r CO 


o r> .-^ o n n 

^ * # * 

^ • «►* 

Members: Bowman; Jaquinta; Fletcher; Ray; Bruce; McCrossan; Terrell; Sifford; Lloret; Ham; Martin; 
Aday; Melvin; Cummins; Fulton; Mr. Supplee, Director; Umphrey; Draper; Chapman; Johnson; Havlik; 
Hamilton; Padburg; Jones; Edwards; Rathbun; Clapp; French; Moss; Ray; Broderson; Scliolten; Crockett; 
Courtright; Colby; Thompson: Bell; DuBois; Kaiser; Rascher; Putnam; Goldsmith; Edgett; Vercouteren; 
Skjold; Keith; Sharpe. 


"Make a joyful noise unto Jehovah, . . .Come be- 
fore his presence with singing." Psalm 100:1 

G. William Supplee, Director of Music and 
Director of the Ambassador Choir. 

Miss Charlotte Watson, Ambassador Choir 




ft ^ 1 

^ •«» *^ «■ ' ' J 

Members: Batek, Payne, Lamplugh, Jackson, Burgess, Payne, Crawford, 
Smith, Mangum, Myers, Mitchell, Moody, Whitmarsh, Shedd, Cassell, 
Holmes, Enck, Mickle, Sharpe, Traynor, Seidel, Zieseniss, Bagley, Sim- 
mons, Hill, Gienko, jorgensen, Hill, Cochran, VanderSchie, Neilson. 

Gedney Vining, Men's Glee 
Club pianist. 

Members: Aylor, Cook, Conger, Braun, Weese, McAuley, 
Hiles, Farthing, Myra, Muir, Scholten, Moore, Courtright, 
Cannon, Reed, Vining. 

Eugene Lye, Director of the 
Men's and Women'sGlee Club. 



PRESIDENT Paul Crotteau 


SEC. -TREASURER Thomas Lacey 


Mr. Robert Delnay, Adviser 


Inasmuch as the soverignGod has commanded men everywhere 
to dedicate themselves and all things unto Him and to exercise 
dominion over all things according to His will, we are bound to 
do His will. Therefore, this Society has been established that 
the men of Columbia Bible College might have opportunity for 
the cultural improvement of themselves. . . 


The purpose of the Society shall be to secure for its members 
literary culture, skill in parliamentary practice, and forensic 
experience conducive to the development of true Christian 


Elaine Seavey 
Literary Editor 

Marcene Purcell 
Photography Editor 

Mr. Lowell Bailey 
Faculty Adviser 

Phyllis Marshall 

Werner Mietling 

Gary Letchworth 
Subscriptions Manager 

Joe Stewart 

Richard Cannon 
Business Manager 

Sandra Haley 
Sophomore Representative 

Carter Smith 


Miss Dowdle, Dietitian, and Mrs. Fry Assistant Dieti- 

Citchen workers . . . 

ind more kitchen workers! 

Chief cooks . . . 
and bottle washers. 

Libby Muchniore 


Mr. VVestervelt 

Roger Gallion 

Dan Cannon 

Nick Caminiti 


Garv Letchworth 

Jiinmv Peck 

Don Hall 

Mr. VVenzel "under the weather." 

Up and over 

Swing that bat, Smitty ! 

'Come and get it!" 



For the F. M. F. project this year, the 
steering committee has announced a 
goal of $6,000 to be used for the pur- 
chase of record presses for the newly- 
established work, Tribal Language 
Press. The goal of this work is to 
provide literacy le ssons on records for 
those remote tribes who, as yet, are 
unable to read the written Word of God. 



Braswell, Rev. ]. Otis 

1926 Surrey St., Columbia, S.C. 
CuUey, Dr. Paul G. 

S30 Riverhill Circle, Columbia, S.C. 
Dplnay, Mr. Robert C. 

B-P, Virginia Ct., Apt. -1, VV. Columbia, S.C. 
Dollar, Rev. George W. 

922 "N" Ave., Cayce, S.C. 
Dowdle, Miss Margaret 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S.C. 
Downey, Mrs. T.E. 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S.C. 
Ferris, Mr. Newell D. 

5530 Randall Ave., Columbia, S.C. 
Fleece, Dr. G. Allen 

3631 Hanson Road, Columbia, S.C. 
Glasser, Rev. Arthur F. 

1833 Glenwood Road, Columbia, S.C. 
Hatch, Rev. James M. 

19 Juarez Court, Forest Acres, Columbia, S.C. 
riehl, Rev. John 

415 Riverhill Circle, Columbia, S.C. 
Love, Rev. H. Lawrence, Jr. 

Bethany Presbyterian Church, 

800 So. Federal Hwy., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 

Lye Mr. tugene L. 

i723 sumter St., Columbia, S.C. 
McClarty, Miss Kathryn E. 

3813 Duncan St., Columbia, S.C. 
Munro, Rev. John Ker 

3505 Verner St., Columbia, S.C. 
Petty, Miss Sara 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S.C. 
Petty, Rev. Thomas M. 

1120 Warren Drive, Columbia, S.C. 
Sells, Rev. Frank H. 

1211 Devonshire Drive, Columbia, S.C. 
Strauss, Miss Dorothy M. 

3703 Hanson Road, Columbia, S.C. 
Supplee, Mr. George W. 

124 Normandy Road, Columbia, S.C. 
Supplee, Mr. G. William 

118 Normandy Road, Columbia, S.C. 
Warren, Miss Kathryn L. 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S.C. 
Wenzel, Rev. Charles J. 

2635 Putnam St., Columbia, S.C. 
Wood, Miss Shirley N. 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S.C. 


Bailey, Rev. Lowell A. 

1706 Hampton St., Columbia, S.C. 
Ballantine, Misj Gladys 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S.C. 
Boman, Miss Irene S. 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S.C. 
Brownlee, Miss Elva 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S.C. 
Cover, Mrs. David 

Apt. 16-4 Hendley Homes. Columbia, S.C. 
Doverspike. Rev. William F. 

Library Apt., Columbia Bible College ■ "lum.bia, S.C. 
Farmer, Mrs. Harvey 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S.C. 
Farrar, Miss Betty 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S.C. 
Fry, Mrs. S. R. 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S.C. 
Gustafson, Miss Edith 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S.C. 
Havlick, Miss Nancy 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia. S.C. 
Lazaro, Miss Louise 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S.C. 
McCord, Miss Maurine 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S.C. 
McQuilkin, Mrs. Robert C. 

1311 Cambridge Lane, Columbia, S.C. 

McGarity. Miss Mane 

2327 Lee St., Columbia, S.C. 
Merry, Mr. Brian 

1522 Lady St., Columbia, S.C. 
Mitchell, Miss Louise 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S.C. 
Mitchell, Miss Lucy 

Columbia Bible College. Columbia, S.C. 
Moore, Miss Pamela C. 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S.C. 
Muchmore, Miss Elizabeth 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S.C. 
Omaye, Miss Kathleen 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S.C. 
Overstreet, Miss Sara 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S.C. 
Owings, Miss Edith T. 

4915 Holmes St., Columbia, S.C. 
Porter, Mrs. Ola 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia. S.C. 
Roberts, Miss Barbara 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S.C. 
Sandifer, Mrs. C.E., Jr. 

Apt. 16-5, Hendley Homes, Columbia, S.C. 
Tweten, Miss Grace M. 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S.C. 
Watson, Miss Charlotte 

Columbia Bible College, Columbia, S.C. 


'Not picturea on Freshmen or Sophomore class pages. 

• Abel. Audrey Fay 

y38-170 Street, Hammond, Indiana 
Abel, Richard Earl 

938-170 Street, Hammond, Indiana 
Aday, Viola Faye 

3842 N. Kimball, Chicago, 111. 
Adolphson, Carl Emanuel 

Rt. 2. Box 393. Nixon, N.J. 
Adolphson, Charlotte Mary 

Rt. 2, Box 393, Nixon. N.J. 
Allen, Betnice A. 

Ashland, N.C. 
Allen, Mary Anne 

111 Snively Ave, Jefierstoiitown, Kentucky 
Amundson, Janet Carol 

Box 417, Forbes, Minnesota 
Andersen, Doris Ann 

1126 N. 17 Ave., Hollywood, Fla. 
Anderson, John Frederick 

6217 S.W. 15 St.. Miami, Fla. 
Anderson, John Paul 

Rt. 2, Totowa Road, Paterson, N.J. 
Angle, Stuart B. 

I537 S.W. 41 Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Armstrong, George Norman 

1515 Blanding St., Columbia, S.C. 
Atwell, Joyce Geraldine 

Rt. 2, Bristol, Tennessee 
Atviiod, BciTiice Joanna 

Rt. 2, Gaston. S.C. 

"Alderman, Richard C. 

43 Mason-Croft Drive, Sumter, S.C. 
Adlnch, Edward Wilbur 

2628 Cherry St., Columbia, S.C. 
Aldrtch, Robert Arthur 

Rt. 4, Moravia, New York 
•Alewine, Clarence Richard 

Apt. H-3 Gonzales Gardens, Columbia, S.C. 
' Alexander, Thomas Wallace 

Rt. 5, Union, S.C. 
Aycock, James Oscar 

Box 539, Warrenton, N.C. 
Aylor, Vernon Louis 

634 Altara Ave., Coral G.-blcs, Fla. 
Bagley, Lois Jean 

182.5 Cedar St.. Pueblo, Colo. 
Bailey, Katharine Powhson 

170G Hampton, Columbia, S.C. 
Bailey, Richard P. 

540 Berkley Ave., Elmhurst, 111. 
Ballantine. Gladys Victoria 

1278 Part Ave., Plainfield, N.J. 
'Ballard, Gereld Porter 

Fenner Collece Street, Agden. N.C. 
Ballard, Harold Alvin 

foByrd Netcalf. Rt. 1 Condler, N.C. 
' Bass, Carolyn Joy 

Box 96-a Rt. 4, Aslieville, N.C. 
Basso, Richard Milan 

1516 Richland St., Columbia. S.C. 
Batek, Joyce Lynn 

203 Orchard Lane. Benton Harbor, Mich. 
Battle, Cooper Malone 

345 Stonewall Place, Memph.s, Ter.n. 
Bauer. Dawn Reed 

80-42 269 St., New Hyde Park. N.Y. 
• Baugli, Harold Philip 

foil Wildwood Ave., Columbia, S.C. 
Baumgarden, Lee Allen 

7045 Glades St., St. Louis, Mo. 
Beaty, James Wilson 

2604 Heyward St., Columbia, S.C. 
Bell, Richard \V. 

"/uJ.E. Weese, Lexington, S.C. 
Benedum, Grace C. 

Derby, N.Y. 
Bennett, Billie Ruth 

Marrable Hill, ElDorado Arkansas 
Berends, George Irwin 

1132 Hudson St., S.W., Grand Rapids. Michigan 
Berry, Herman Rentz 

Bowman, S.C. 
Billings, Eleanor Mane 

Boston. Mass. 
Birkey, Delamr Gene 

3652 Hoyt St., Columbia, S.C. 
Birkey, Lyle Richard 

Ludlow, Illinois 
' Birmingham, Katy Harwell 

807 Glenwood Drive, Charlotte, N.C. 
Bishop, Martha David 

328 W. 2 St., El Dorado, Arkansas 
Blizzard, Jim Linton 

1640 N.W. J Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Bolyard, Richard, Franklin 

408 N. 5 St., Upper Sandusky, Ohio 
" Boman, Irene S. 

2047 Florida Ave.. Tallahassee, Fla. 
Bonnema, Jacqueline Lea 

922 E. 19 St., Paterson. N. J. 
Bowman, Dorothy Ann 

Rt. 4, Johnson City, Tenn. 
Branch, Josephine A. 

Rt. 3, Raleigh, N.C. 
Brannon, Annette Margaret 

Ivydale, W. Va. 
' Brannon, Carol Kathleen 

301 Crewdson Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Braun, loan Robert 

404 Mockingbird Valley, Louisville, Ky. 
Brock, Clarence Lee, Jr. 

2005 9 St., Lubbock. Texas 

* Broderson, Helge Richard 

7 School St., Norway, Maine 
Brown. Thomas Forest 

1917 Lombardy Cir. , Charlotte, N.C. 

* Bruce, Jane Christiiii'' 

5118 Riviera Drive, Coral Gables, Fla. 
Brueck, Donald C. 

Columbia, S.C. 
Buchanan, Carlene 

812 Palmer Ave., Pueblo, Coio. 
Burgess, Mary Lynn 

Box 120, Blue Ridge, Texas 
Burnett, Shirley S. 

1202 MuUer Ave., Columbia, S.C. 
Cable, Robert L. 

Rt. 5, Greensboro, N.C. 

* Caldwell C. Williams 

1318 Pickens St., Columbia, S.C. 

* Caminiti, Miriam A. 

Bids. 18, Apt. 6, Henldey Homes. Columbia, S.C. 

* Caminiti, N.c-k J. 

Bldg. 18, Apt. 6, Hendley Homes, Columbia, S.C. 

* Campbell. Clyda Mae 

Rt. 3, Franklin, N.C. 
Campbell, Thomas R. 

2000 Jefferson St., Hollywood, Fla. 
Cannon, H. Richard 

Box 831, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Cannon, Robert Daniel 

Box 831, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Carlson, Ronald W. 

6529 N. Mozan Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Carson, Clarabel 

Manor Lane, Rt. 1, Langhorne, Pa. 
Case, Gordon A. 

15 Bigelow St., Binghamton, N.Y. 
Cassell, Joe Anne 

Box 951, Sarasota, Fla. 
ChandapiUa, P.T. 

Podimannil House. Plezhuveli, Travancore, India 
Chandler, Wilfred R. 

1426 Oxford Ave. N.W. , Canton, Ohio 
Chapman. James Eugene 

1344 Rollins Ave., Charlotte, N.C. 
Chapman, Virginia D. 

Rt. 7, Box 301, StatesviUe, N.C. 
Chastain, Warren G. 

355-16 St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Clapp, Helen E. 

Byron. Georgia 
Cloer, William, C. 

3731 Moss Ave.. Columbia, S.C. 
Cochran, M. Juanita 

Rt. 26, V^hite Horse Rd., Greenville, S.C. 
Colby, James G. 

Round Hill Road, Woodbridge, Conn. 
Collins, Joan J. 

2600 Jackson St., Hopewell, Va. 

* Conger, Geroge R. 

1421 S.W. 8 Court. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Cook, James, K. 

3801 Eastway, Drive, Charlotte, N.C. 
Courtright, Clarence Van 

57 N.E. 75 St.. Miami, Fla. 
' Cover, David, C. 

Jordan Village, Waterford, Conn. 
Cover, Winsome, C. 

lordan Village, Waterford, Conn. 
"Cowan, Alien Uiomas 

lOO c. 8 Ave. Johnson City, Tenn. 
Crawford. Dorothy June 

Horse Shoe, N.C. 
Crockett, Joshua L. 

Box 86, Tangier, Virginia 
Crotteau, Paul L. 

3600 S.W. 22 Terr. Miami, Fla. 

CuUey, Anna Ruth 

630 Riverhill Cr. , Columbia, S.C. 
Cummins, Wilma T. 

Rt. 1, Box, 208, Lyndon, KY. 
Currence, Marilyn E. 

Mill Creek, W. Va. 
Darling, Eugene L. 

1321 Washington St., Grand Haven, Mich. 

• Davidson, William F. 

615 S. Lee St., Agden, N. C. 
Davis, Ernest Eugene 

Wells Apt. Broadway St., Maryville, Term. 
Dawson, Marjorie D. 

4215 Barksdale, Dallas, Texas 
' Day, John T. 

119 5th St., S.E. Washington, D.C. 
Delnay, June Stewart 

B-3-4 Virginia Court, Columbia^ S.C. 
Detter, Donald Paul 

34 Diller Ave., New Holland, Pa. 
Dickinson. Herbert A, 

Hendley Homes, Apt 8-5, Columbia, S.C. 
' Dillinger Gerald R. 

514 Lafayette St., Grand Haven, Mich. 
' Dinkins, William 

Box 966, Sumter, S.C. 
Dollar, Dorothy M. 

Columbia Bible College. Columbia, S.C. 
Donadon, Ruth M. 

6815 Mitchell St. St. Louis, Mo. 
Dosher, M. Virginia 

224 36 St. N.E. Apt. 2, Washington, D.C. 
Dougan, Philip J. 

3510 Main Street, Columbia, S.C. 
Draper, Lewis A. 

Rt. 4, Box 64, Bassett, Va. 
Draper, Ray L. 

Sutherland, Iowa 
Drew, Harlon W. 

Apt 35-2, Hendley Homes, Columbia, S.C. 
DuBois, Dale C. 

2301 S.W. n St., Miami. Fla. 
Dunlap, John 

Apt. U-1, Gonzales Gardens, Columbia, S.C. 
Dunlap, Max E. 

Kalakaska. Mich. 
Durpee, Elsie Fay 

Rt. 2, Box 353, Charlesto n Heights, S. C. 
Dye, F. Merle 

324 Santz. Ave., Salisbury, N.C. 
Eash, Shirley Ann 

1112 Harding Drive, Upper Darby, Pa. 
Eberhardt, S. Joyce 

9312 N. Willow, Tampa, Fla. 
Eckert, Emerson E 

Caledonia, Mich. 

• Edgett, Gilbert M. 

223-7th Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Edwards, Betty J. 

17th St. S.W. Ext., Massillon, Ohio 

• Edwards, Ray H. 

922 President Street. Brooklyn. N.Y. 
' Edwards. Vera H. 

2236 Dantee Ave. Columbia, S.C. 

Eggleston, Betty Jo 

10-C Woodland Terrace, Columbia, S.C. 
Eich, Harold G. 

Maple Street, Tuskegee, Ala, 
Eisenback, James H. 

145 Cabel St., Louisville, KY. 
Elliott, George Y. 

1850 N.W. Flager Terrace, Miami, Fla. 
Ellis, James N. 

Hendly Homes, B-28, Apt 2, Columbia, S.C. 
Ellis, Wayne 

562 Old N.W. Hwy, Palatine, lU. 
Ellison, Gwendolyn J. 

Rt. 4, Seneca, S.C. 
Elwood, Juanita A. 

209 King St- Ithaca, N.Y. 
Enck Virginia F. 

Rt. 1 Elizabethtown, Pa. 
Ensor Geraldine V. 

CockeysviUe, Maryland 
Faivre, Milton Irving 

59 Westcott St. Easr Orange. N.J. 
Fariss, Fred M. 

1516 Richland St., Columbia. S. C. 
Farthing, Frank D. 

2370 S.W. 2 Street, Miami, Fla. 
Feight, Rhoda Ruth 

Rt. l.jSwvnnbrook Ave.. Owings Mills, Maryland 
Felton Ivan E. 

P. O. Box 10, Key Largo, Fla. 
Finlt, Paul R. 

3612 So. Cabrillo, Ave., San Pedro, California 
Fisher, Conrad Joseph 

3422 Midland Ave, Syracuse, N.Y. 
Fletcher, Jerry H. 

3823 Dempster Ave., Dallas, Texas 
Flowers, Barbara Ann 

10333 Balfour St. Detroit, Mich. 
Foley, Edward J. 

2035 Forbes St. Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Ford, Edward W. 

Crescent City, Fla. 
Foster, Arthur Patrick 

838 E. Lime St., Lakeland, Fla. 
Frawley, William Watson 

1117ShirleySt., Columbia, S.C. 
French, Doris M. 

102-01 Ascan Ave., Forest Hills, N.Y. 

• Freundt, Josephine Jewel 

1307 East 36 St., Savannah, Ga. 
Friesen, Milton 

24 Church St., Wakefield, Mass. 
Fritz. Armond Alfred 

3215 Two Notch Rd., Columbia, S.C. 

• Froehlich, Carol Ann 

2069 Roy Ave., Willow Grove, Pa. 
Fry, Peggy Ann 

823 Kentucky Ave., Signal Mountain, Tennessee 
Fuchs, UUa Sundqvist 

Hendley Homes, Columbia, S.C. 
Fulton, Anne L. 

300 Waccamaw Ave., Columbia, S.C. 
Gallion, Roger A. 

2666 S.W. 17 Ave., Miami, Fla. 
Giacumakis, Athena 

1311 Cunningham Ave., New Castle, Pa. 
Giardini, Silvia L. 

12 Lorraine Terrace, Apt. 2, AUston, Mass 
Gibbons, Margaret Fern 

Rt. 4, Sandyland, El Dorado, Ark. 
Gibbs, Charles E 

1528 No. 36 Place, Birmingham, Ala. 
Gienko, Lorraine C. 

556 Alice Drive, Northbrook, 111. 
Godbold, Cash, E. 

521 Santee St. . Columbia, S.C. 
Goldsmith, Arthur Daniel 

23 CornhiU St., Chatham, Ontario, Canada 
Gray, Mary B. 

3715 Redding Rd., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Green, Florence B. 

Old Perlican, Newfoundland, Canada 
Greenman, Bryce E. 

Rt. 6. Box 380, Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Greenman Marilyn J. 

Rt. 6, Box 380. Kalamazoo Mich, 
Griffin, Jo -Ann 

2415 North- West Blvd., Columbus, Ohioo 
Gnggs, Arvis, W. 

P. O. Box 1169, El Dorado. Ark. 
Gualtieri, Arthur 

7007-19 Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Gumm, Pat J. 

Petrif Road. Coraopolis, Pa. 


Gustafson, Edith, K. 

63 Rugglef Street, Quincy, Mass. 
Haley, Sanara R. 

1923 Fowler St., Ft. Myers, Fla. 

* Hall, A. Eugene 

815 Summit Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Hall, Charles Donald 

Box 207, Brum, Penna. 
Hallock, Marion Post 

1113 Fairview Drive, Columbia, S.C. 
Ham, Patricia Ann 

2042 Blvd. Drive N. E. , Atlanta, Ga. 
Hamilton, Sallie R. 

1201 Melody Lane, North Augusta, S.C. 
Hardy, Hugh Allen 

Woodbury, Georgia 
Hardy, LaRose 

Hightower Rd., Thomaston, Ga. 
Hardy, Peggy 

Box 73, Woodbury, Ga. 
Hathavi'ay, Warren D. 

207 Grand St.. Danville, Pa. 
Hathcock, Annie Mae 

3445 Keighly Road, Richmond, Virginia 

* Hattaway, Charles Lamar 

Rt. 3, Macon, Ga. 
Havlik, Kathleen Carrell 

42-44 Murray St., Flushing, N.Y. 
Hays, Dorothy Ann 

Ashton, III. 
Heaton, Norma 1. 

508 Piedmont, Ave., Anderson, S.C. 
Hertzog. Roy Alton 

2340 VV. Union St., AUentown, Pa. 

* Hibbs, Kenneth Raymond 

103 Elm Ave., Langhorne, Pa. 
Hicks. Catherine 

Radiant, Va. 
Hiles, Marvin Samuel 

426 East Ave., LaGrange, UL 
Hill. Letty A. 

1715 Plaza. Charlotte, N.C. 
Hill, Mary Frances 

lin Crescent Ave., Belton. S.C. 

* Hiliard, William, M. 

2205 S.W. 18 Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Hiner, Elizabeth Mae 

4805 Dent St., S.E. Washington, D.C. 

* Hockersmith, Barbara Jean 

1536 Garland St., Flint. Mich. 
Hockersmith, Darrell L. 

1536 Garland, St.. Flint, Mich. 
Hoffmeister, Eleanor F. 

91-35 245 Street. Bellerose, N.Y. 
Holbrook, Albion P. 

200 N. Central Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Holmes, Clyde A. 

803 Hamlin Street, Plant City, Fla. 
Houchins, Betty Ann 

Rt. 6, Box 338-4, Statesville, N.C. 
Houts. Kenneth O. 

Rt. 1, Box 241 X, Bellefonte, Penna. 
Huggins, James N. 

Bldg. 35, Apt 5, Hcndley Homes, Columbia, S.C. 
Hurlburt, J. Byron 

■yoC.B.F.M.S., 3.52, Wellington Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Hurley, William H. 

539 Tuohy Ave., Pitman, N.J. 
Hutchison, Phyllis Joan 

323 Park Ave. N.W. , Canton, Ohio 
Huth, Frederick L. 

5701-47 Ave., Riverdale, Md. 
Hyler, Gladys E. 

Rt. 1, Abingdon, Va. 

* Jackson, Jeannette J. 

366 Hines Terrace, Macon, Ga. 
Jacques, Alberta Grace 

5 Hurley Ave., Lake Placid, N.Y. 
Jacquot, Ardell 

5207 SchoUmeyer Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 
Jaeger, Belle E. 

504 Weston St., Hopewell, Va. 
Jaeger, Edwin H. 

504 Weston St., Hopewell, Va. 

• James, Nancy L. 

3006 Kingston St., Dallas. Texas 
Jaquinta, Janet M. 

633 N.W. 22 St., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Johnson, Carolyn J. 

Star Rt. , Sandstone, Minn. 
Johnson, Dorothy E. 

Bay Ave., Manahawkin, N.J. 
Johnson, E. Janet 

4045 Greenwood Ave., Skokie, 111. 
Johnson, Linden K. 

Sandstone, Minnesota 
Johnston, James W. 

Rt. 11, Box 256, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Jones, Gordon H. 

Rt. 2, Box 13-a, El Dorado, Ark. 
Jones, Margie Ann 

2341 S.W. 2nd St., Miami, Fla 
Jones, Thomas Raymond 

137 W. Watterson Trail, Jeffersontown, KY. 
Jordan, Charles W. 

214 W. Forest, Wheaton, 111. 
Jordan, Marjorie Ann 

Box 600, Hartsville, S.C. 
Jorgensen, Geraldine M. 

Rt. 4, Box 246. Fort Pierce. Fla 
Joseph, CnacKO 

Mallappalley, T. C. State, Inida 

• Kaiser, Judy Belle 

510 Cherry St., Hammond, Indiana 
Kaiser, Ralfe E. 

510 Cherry St., Hammond, Indiana 
Kammerer, Heniy C. 

3821 E State St., Trenton, N.J. 
Kaylor, Lawrence, S. 

3013 Grand Ave., Huntington Park, Calif. 
Kearse, William S. 

21 N. Providence Ave., Atlantic City, N.J. 
Keith, James, F. 

5 Princeion Dr., Asheville, N.C. 
Kerth John K. 

13-2 Hendley Homes, Columbia, S.C. 
Killilea, Joan R. 

Columbia, S.C. 
Kirkpatrick, Fleet 

223 Osborne Ave., Charlotte, N.C. 
Kiyuna, Mildred M. 

1365 C Nuuanu Ave.. Honolulu, Terr. Of Hawaii 
Klett, Robert W. 

1160 S. Main St., Lombard, 111. 
Knight, Hazel Virginia 

Pinedale, Clarkesville, Georgia 
Koplos, Joyce 

1835 Blvd. of the Allies, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Kretzler, Carol Lee 

410 S.W. 9 St., Ft., Lauderdale, Fla. 
Kuykendall, Nancy E. 

709 Magnolia St., Greensboro, N.C. 
Kuykendall, Stuart 

709 Magnolia St., Greensboro N.C. 
Lacey, Thomas E. 

504 So. Natchez St., Kosciusko, Miss. 
La Forge, Clifford, J. 

Rt. 2, Newburgh, N.Y. 
Lamplugh, Joan 

1556 Huddell Ave., Linwood, Pa. 
Land, E. Lee 

4815 Luralie St., Columbia, S.C. 
Landon. H. Jane 

Box 507, Crisfield, Md. 
Langdon, Eleanor M. 

26 Sterling Ave., White Plains, N.Y. 

• Langston, Mary Patricia 

1214 6 Street, Durham, N.C. 

Larson, Ingegerd E. 

31 Shawmeet, Ave., Cochituahe, Mass. 

* Lathrop, Margaret Alice 

Apdo. #7, Paracho, Michoacan, Mexico 
' Latimer, Joseph H. 

Rt. 6, Box 55, Savannah, Ga. 
Laughlin, Daniel Joseph 

3712 Riviera Road, Columbia, S.C. 
Lazaro, Louise M. 

22 Colfax Ave., Staten Island, N.Y. 
Legant, Marjorie R. 

210 Marion Ave., Big Rapids, Mich. 
Leggat, Madelyn Rae 

1130 Sea Street, Qunicy, Mass. 
Lennon, Rebecca T. 

Rt. 2, Box 129, Clarkton, N.C. 
Letchworth, Gary W. 

Rt. 2, Rov 362. Tallahassee, Fla. 
Letts, Dennis R. 

4633 Trenholm Rd., Columbia. S.C. 
Lilly, Wendel D. 

Pine Grove Rd. Rt. 1., Clay, N.Y. 
Lloret, A. Felicia 

1810 S.W. 19 Ave., Miami, Fla. 
Lloret, Paul G. 

1810 S.W. 19 Ave., Miami, Fla. 
Lloyd, Edvifard Carman 

15 Head St., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 
Long, L. Gene 

1605 Woodland Road, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Lounsbury, Diane, E. 

Box 135, Goulds. Fla. 

* Loving, Leonard J. 

928 E. 7 St., Ada, Okla. 
Lye, Eugeiip ! . 

172.'^ Suniter Street, Columbia, S.C. 
Lyle, Doro'hy J. 

810 Marrable Hill, El Dorado, Ark. 
McAlister, Rebecca J. 

Rt. 1, Box 25, Biscoe, *,. ~. 
McAuley, Eakin M. 

Gunningsville, New Brunswick, Canada 
McCain, Gleniia Kay 

360 Fifth Street, St. Petersburg, Fla. 
McCain, John 

360 Fifth Street, St. Petersburg, Fla. 
McClain. John Marshall 

Rt. 8. Greenville, S.C. 
McConnell, Willis B. 

1320. Pickens St. , Columbia, S.C. 

* McCrossau, Patricia A. 

2028 S.W. 6 Street, Miami, Fla. 
McQuay, Rose M. 

Leesville , S.C. 
Mahler, Bruce R. 

56 Lenox Ave., Lynbrook Long Island, N.Y. 
Ma.iqum, Una F. 

Rt. :: . Wake Forest, N.C. 
Mannon, Patricia Ann 

Hotel Plaza, Clark St. & North Ave., Chicago, III. 
Mark Jessie 

212 N. 9th Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Marshall, Joan F. 

3915 Capers Ave., Columbia, S.C. 
Marshall, Phyllis J. 

Ivy, Virginia 
Martin, Albert N. 

94 Soudview Ave., Stamford, Conn. 

* Martin, Amelia L. 

3720 S.W. 58 Ave., Miami, Fla. 
iMartin, Raynioiid h. 

1340 Fishernun's Rd., Norfolk, Virginia 
Matthews, Richard E. 

275 Weidner Rd., Rochester, N.Y. 
Matthews, Richard V. 

59 Pearson Drive. Asheville. N.C. 
Matto, Josephine R. 

590 Brewster St., Bridgeport, Conn. 
Maxwell, Jonathan A. 

% BayRidge Baptist Church, 6701-4 Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Mellette, Thomas Madison 

Turbville, S.C. 
Melvin, Joyce E. 

115 Kensington Circle, Fayetteville, N.C. 
' Michel, Myrtly 

Apt. AD-1 Gonzales Gardens, Columbia, S.C. 
* Michel, Marian J. 

Apt. AD-1 Gonzales Gardens, Columbia, S.C. 
Mickle, Hazel Ann 

6212 Garner's Ferry Rd., Columbia, S.C. 
Mietling, Werner G. 

15228 Coram St., Detroit, Mich. 
Miller, Jean E. 

1231 Upland St., Chester Pa. 
' Miller, Douglas R. 

1211-19 St., N.E., Washington, D.C. 
' Mills, Harrison S. 

924 S.W. 20 Ave., Miami, Fla. 
Miner, Vickie 

820 Lorca St., Coral Gables, Fla. 
Mitchell, Barbara Ann 

820 N. LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. 
Moody, Carolynne F. 

Chateau Trailer Park, Riviera Beach, Fla. 
Moore, Charles E. 

818 S.W. 5 St., Miami, Fla. 
Moore, Don Osborne 

26 Kendrick St., Sumter, S.C. 
Morrison, Margaret H. 

1620 Gartland Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 
Morrison, Paul W. 

410 W. Main St., Bennettsville, S. C. 
Moseley, Elizabeth 

1101 Elmwood Ave., Columbia, S.C. 
' Mosley, Fred 

6 Wintergreen Ave., Newburgh, N.Y. 
Moss, Betty S. 

711 E. Watauga, Johnson City, Tenn. 
Muchmore, Elizabeth C. 

44 Brittin St.. Madison. N.J. 
Muir, Peter 

108 Prospect Park W. , Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Muschett, Carmen V. 

437 Kingston Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Musser, Leonard 

Rt. 1, Elizabethtown, Pa. 
Myers. Wilma J. 

Rt. 1, Coatesville, Pa. 
Myra, Julian D. 

1945 Laura St., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Nasshan, Ronald K. 

Hendley Humes, Columbia, S.C. 
Neilsen, Anne Mae 

41 Emma St., Plainfield, N.J. 
Nietering, Donald G. 

621 Marilla St.. Buffalo. N.Y. 
Ninnemann, Joan H. 

215 South Brockway St., Palatine, III. 
Nuckles, William 

804 Buckingham Rd., Columbia, S.C. 
Ogburn, Joseph S. 

3103-5 Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Oniaye, Kathleen H. 

3244 Parentae Home Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. 
' Osborne, Dolores G. 

Rt. 2, Box 367, Johnson City, Tenn. 
Osterlof, Ellen L. 

2535 S.W. 27 St., Miami, Fla. 
Othites, Eugenia C. 

18 East Reynolds, St., New Castle, Pa. 
' Owen, James Richard 

13625 N.W. 2 Ave., Miami, Fla. 
' Owen, Mary Leona 

13625 N.W. 2nd Ave., Miami, Fla. 
Pack, Mary Lou 

1407 Wildwood Ave., Greeley ville, S.C. 
Padbery, Ann. E. 

229 Ridgeway Rd.. Huevrown, Ala. 

Parker, James Andrew 

407 Daytona Place, Hlizabetluon, Tenn. 
Parker, Thomas \V. 

114 Griffin St., Williamsburg, Va. 
Parnell, Douglas F. 

27-2, Hendley Homes Columbia. S.C. 
Patterson, Virginia C. 

Chelsea, Okla. 
Payne, Mary Elizabeth 

2106 Dearborn St., Bluefield, West Va. 
Payne, Mary Frances 

Rt. 2, Box 210, Sumter, S.C. 
Payne, Priscilla Mary 

407 E. Cleveland Ave., East Point, Ga. 
Peck, Jimmy Gene 

505 E. Broward Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Perdue, William Roy 

Ft., 2, Box 39, El Dorado, Ark. 

• Perry, James 

898 Hart Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Perryman, Donald 

14 S. Oakwood Drive, Savannah, Ga. 
Peters, Jack 
Ionia, Iowa 

• Phillips, Bobby Elliott 

105 West Lewis St., Whiteville, N.C. 
Pifer, Wayne Hicks 

Rt. 6, Charlotte, Mich. 
Plnson, June 

205 E. Johnson St., Hartwell, Ga. 
Poole, Albert, Thomas 

708 Voilet St., West Columbia, S.C. 
Porter Edna Sue 

117 1/2 Main St., St. Joseph, Mich. 
Potter, John Paul 

114-E Street, S.E., Wahington, D.C. 
Powell, Carl B. 

Rt. 1, Box 8, West Decatur, Pa. 

* Pruitt, Mary Lou 

Box 68, Tangier, Virginia 
Pudkett, Jerry Ross 

Rt. 10. Box .546-a, Charlotte, N.C. 
Puree 11. Marcene 

2151 Barbara St., Savannaah, Ga. 
Putnam, Stanley P. 

301 E. Hyde Park St., Sarasota, Fla. 
Ramsey, Richard H. 

325 Dorset Ave., Portsmouth, Va. 
Rascher, Lawrence Charles 

6432 Lloyd Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 
Rathbun, Lois J. 

747 Chidester Ave., Glen EUyn, 111. 
Rawls, Roy A. 

Box 114, Plymouth, Fla. 
Ray, Natalie Ruth 

1760 Grant St., Denver, Colorado 
Ray. Shirley Ann 

901 Chain of Rocks Drive, St. Louis, Mo. 
Reddington, Kenneth G. 

Box 567, Philomath, Oregon 
Reed, Jean Burton 

Pine Hill, Road, Westpark, Mass. 
Reed. Lyman Earl 

Pine Hill Road, Westpark, Mass. 
Rentschler, Carl 

2 Laventhal Ave., Irvington, N.J. 
Rentschler, Gerda E. 

2 Laventhal Ave., Irvington. N.J. 
' Rickenbaker. Pinckney Edward 

1208 Westminister Drive. Columbia, S.C. 
Rideout, Hazel B. 

2412 Buford Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Roberts, Barbara Anne 

Rt. 1, YanceyviUe, N.C. 
• Robinson, George Wayne 

2193 E. Bristol Rd.. Flint, Mich. 
Rodgers, Betty Jean 

1601 Kannapolis Road, Concord, N.C. 
Ross, Jack S. 

103 Simmons Ave., WiUianiston N.C. 
Rutherford, William Warren 

Blackville, S.C. 
Sanborn, Adna P. , 

1634 Van Heise St.. Columbia, S.C. 
Sandifer, A. Annabelle 

16-5 Hendley Homes, Columbia, S.C. 
Sandifer Clarence Earl 

16-5 Hendley Homes, Columbia, S.C. 
Schade, Mary Joan 

Ashton, 111. 
Scnolten, Willian H. 

1401 N.W. 2 St., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Scott, Dorothy M. 

Rt. 2, Charlottesville, Virginia 
• Sealy, William D. 

1 ockhart, S.C. 
Seavey, i:iaine C 

4Ui i7 St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Seidel, Maryann E. 

1515 Cross St., Sarasota, Fla. 
Selders. Dons Ann 

1021 Moultrie Ave., Mattoon, 111. 
Selkirk, Faith B. 

Highland Park Aprs., Columbia, S.C. 
Selkirk, William j. 

Highland Park Aprs., Columbia. S.C. 
Shannon. Esther Ruth 

516 S.W. St., Wheaton, 111. 

• Shannon, Ursula Mary 

2410 Willow St., Colonial Heights, Columbia, S.C. 

• Shannon. William 

2410 Willow St., Colonial Heights, Columbia. S.C. 
Sharpe, Frances L. 

Rt. 1, Box 35, Guilford, N.C. 

• Sharpe, T. Mack 

814 N.E, 29 Dr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Sharpe, V. Jean 

Rt. 1, Box 35, Guilford, N.C. 
Shedd, Phyllis R. 

Cajon 514, Cochabamba , Bolivia, So. America 
Shipman, Ch. Edward 

32-5 Hendley Homes, Columbia, S.C. 
Shults, Reba Mae 

Newport, Tennessee 
Sifford, Wanda Lee 

5716 Floy St., St. Louis. Mo. 
Sigg, Eleanor L. 

705 S.W. 14 Street, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 
Sigg, George Richard 

3233 S. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 
Simmons, Betty M. 

1519 Park Rd. , N.W., Washington, D.C. 

• Simmons, Peggy E. 

Batesburg, S.C. 
Skaggs, Elizabeth G. 
Prospect, Kentucky 

• Skjold, Donald W. 

622 N. Austin, Oak Park, 111. 
Sladden, Frank D. 

2121 N. Atlantic Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Slaughter, Joel E. 

9530 Overlake Drive, Dallas, Texas 
Smith, Betty Jane 

705 Merriam Ct. , Topeka, Kansas 
Smith, Carter W. 

10 Pershing Ave., Radford, Va. 
Smith, Mary Ellen 

702 b. Cooper St., Folly Beach, S.C. 
Smim, Mary Ellen 

Box 36, Naples, N.C. 
Smith, M. Janyce 

P.O. Box 123, Nocatee, Fla. 

• Smith, Walter Ronald 

1710 N.W. 16 Street, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

• Smith, William R. 

1614 N.W. 4 Ave, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 
Spangenberg, Ruth E. 

Box 12, Mapletown, Pa. 

Stallings, Sara Lee 

1147 S. Evanston St., Tulsa, Okla. 
Stanley, Betty Lou 

119 Patchogue Ave., Patchogue, N.Y. 
Standridge. James Lee 

113 Magnolia St., Tampa, Fla. 
Staudenbaur, William P. 

Jeffers, Minn. 
Stauffacher. John E. 

Mt. Ulla. N.C. 

• Steinhoff, H. Richard 

6-6 Hendley Homes, Columbia, S.C. 
Stevens, Henry W. 

2254 Virginia Ave., ConnersviUe, Indiana 
Stewart, B. Joann 

1604 Ga. Ave., Fort Pierce, Fla. 
Stewart, Joseph H. 

1230 S.W. 25 St., Miami, Fla. 
Stout, Mickey E. 

302 W. New York Ave., DeLand Fla. 
Stuckey, Leona M. 

901 N.E. n St., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 
Swain, Tim D. 

2457 N.W. 3 Street, Miami, Fla. 
Sweattle, Charles G. 

Box 700, Beaufort, S.C. 
Syson, J. Douglas 

332 New Market Rd., Dunellen, N.J. 
Tatsuta, Mark 

21001 Tatenomachi, Nerimaku, Tokyo 
Taylor, C. Burnette 

630 River Hill Circle, Columbia, S.C. 
Taylor, Jeanette 

512 W. Block St., El Dorado, Ark. 
Taylor, Mary Elizabeth 

220 Florence St., Carolina Beach, N.C. 
Taylor, Peggy G. 

822 N. Park, El Dorado, Ark. 
Terrell, Eugenia 

1921 Dixie Drive, Lubbock, Texas 
Thomas, Eulice D. 

Tangier Island, Va. 
Thomas, Richard David 

50)4 Aurora Blvd. N.W., Canton, Ohio 

• Thomas, Shirley J. 

5014 Aurora Blvd. N.W.. Canton, Ohio 
Thompson, John Allen 

Rt. 1, Homer City, Pa. 
Thompson, Sarah Frances 

Box 353, Rowland, N.C. 
Thompson, William G. 

161 Park St., Ridgefield Park, N.J. 
Thrasher, Mary Joyce 

2788 Ellijay Dr., Brookhaven, Ga. 
Tonhave, Lawrence Roy 

30 Rosewood Ave., Asheville, N.C. 
Towns, Martha S. 

107 Wagner St., Savannah, Ga. 
Traynor Edna Mae 

Rt. 4. Box 262 A. Fort Pierce, Fla. 
Tripp, Ila Mae 

514 1/2 Lafeyette, St., Grand Haven, Mich. 
Turner, Charles V. 

14 Chestnut St., Marcus Hook, Pa. 
Turnquist, Jeanette E. 

1203 15th Street, Rockford, lU. 
Turtle, Charlotte V. 

210 Church St., Williamston, Mich. 
' Umphrey, Kenneth R. 

Rt. 4, Box 900, Miami, Fla. 
VanderSchie, Joy D. 

S.I.M., 164 W. 74th St., New York, N.Y. 
Venable, Charles Fred 

Center Hill, Fla. 
' Vercouteren, James H. 

2314 Erie Ave., Sheboygan, Wisconsin 
Vetter. Robert J. 

113-18-204 St., St. Albans, N.Y. 
Vining, Gedney L. 

62 Hayes St., Binghamton, N.Y. 
Voss, Earlene M. 

295 Bissell Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. 
Waddell, Robert E. 

Rt. 1, Kenly, N.C. 
Wagner, Paul 

5-2 Hendley Homes, Columbia, S.C. 

* Wagner, Pauline J. 

5-2 Hendley Homes, Columbia. S.C. 
Waite, E. Lorraine 

Chatham, Mich. 
Wakefield, Laura B. 

35 Bearden Ave., Ashville, N.C. 
Walston, Richard M. 

10235 S. Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Washam, S. Anne 

2623 E. 19 St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Weathersby, G.A. 

9-2 Hendley Homes, Columbia, S.C. 
Weber, Ivan R. 

Rt. 1, Edgerton, Ohio 
Weese, Wightman 

Rt. 3, Lexington, S.C. 
Weiss, Patricia Mae 

4511 N. Know Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Wescott, Donald H. 

3215, Two Notch Rd., Columbia, S.C. 
Wheatley, Nadine L. 

Onancock, Va. 
Wheatley, Thomas G. 

Onancock, Va. 

* Wheeler, Margaret M. 

5527 Deron St., Philadelphia, Penna. 

* Whitmarsh, Bernice M. 

Whitney Point, N.Y. 
Whitmarsh, Evelyn L. 

Whitney Point, N.Y. 
Whitner, Robert L. 

32 Cedar St., Marcus Hook, Pa. 
Wilkinson, Samuel L. 

Glennville, Georgia 

* Williams, Geddy Ray 

6414 Simpson St. , Columbia, S.C. 
Willis, Lois Jean 

1402 Caldwell, Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 
Wilson, Lillian R. 

Rt. 4, Box 164, Asheville, N.C. 
Winn, Arthur E. 

1723 E. Duffy St., Savannah, Ga. 
Wilson, Richard Edwin 

Rt. 1, Box 317, Winter Haven, Fla. 
Wood. Albert 

Star Route #2, Williamsville, Missouri 
Wood, Paul Daniel 

433 E. Bend Drive, Nashville, Tenn. 
Youmaiis, Sanna A. 

N.E. Drive Milligon Road, Jolinson City, Tenn. 
Yount, Betty L. 

630 E. Cemetery St., Salisbury, N.C. 
Yount, Robert E. 

224 E. Prospect St., Jackson, Mich. 
' Zealy, Mary Ann 

Bonna Bella Rt. 2, Savannah, Ga. 
Zehr, David V. 

Grid ley, Illinois 
' Zehr, Jacqueline 

Pekin, Indiana 
Ziady, Sam G. 

P.O. Box 471, Columbia, S.C. 
Zieseniss, Jane I. 

31 Fifth Avenue, Avenel, N.N.